Laughter!! This is my Christmas wish for you.

When chaos surrounds your attempt to capture the perfect family photo, may you find  humor in the kid who refuses to smile or has puffy eyes from crying,


the one with stitches on the chin, the black eye or a stain on that outfit you spent too much money on. Trust me. That will be one of your favorites when they’re grown and gone, so just laugh and remember what I’m telling you.

When your dining room is a total disaster because your family Christmas project is a Pinterest fail and all you have is a mess to clean up and no product to show for it, just laugh! If there is giggling along the way (and pictures to tell the story), it doesn’t matter if there is a perfectly finished gingerbread house in the end. The memory of a fun night is priceless!



When things get too serious or intense, I hope you search for and find something to laugh at.

After all, laughter IS the best medicine.


And finally, may the gift of laughter and the merry spirit of Christmas stay with you all year long!