There’s Nothing I Love Better than a Beautiful Garbage Day

I love garbage day. It hasn’t always been that way, but you know how it goes.  We get older and things change.

I spent most of my life detesting that chore even when we lived in the city and the trash was collected right outside my back door. When we moved to the country, it was worse. Two hundred and forty four steps of rough driveway separate my house from the road where the bags were

244 steps to the road

244 steps to the road

picked up, and for 244 steps (or some multiple of that for multiple trips) I cursed my garbage-induced gag reflex. I was always glad at the end of that piece of unpleasantness that another one like it was a full week away – or more if someone else would perform that vile chore. It didn’t help that we were charged an arm and a leg for some company to send their over-sized truck from the city to the middle of nowhere to pick up our three or four bags. I understood, though. We do live in

the middle of nowhere.

the middle of nowhere.

Writing that big check every three months still made me sad, I have to admit, especially after it was just the two of us at home and we didn’t generate nearly as much to carry out.

Ah, but life changes and so do our paradigms.

What a wonderful community center we have that decided to collect garbage for a dollar a bag on Saturdays!DSC_0297

Now, I throw a bag – sometimes two – in the back of the truck and head that direction. It’s a beautiful drive no matter what time of the year it is, and there is much to see around every bend.DSC_0291

I smile all the way and back.

Leaving the house and heading to WhiteHall Community Center

Leaving the house and heading to WhiteHall Community Center

Coming home

Coming home


2 responses to “There’s Nothing I Love Better than a Beautiful Garbage Day

  1. Donna, thanks for sharing! I too, drive much of this same route to and from Whitehall – usually in a rush to get wherever it is I’m going. Thank you for reminding me of one of the many reasons why I’m so lucky to live where I do – those country drives. Whether it’s to notice what trees are the first to green up in the spring and which wildflowers are in bloom during the summer. To laughing at baby calves or horses frolicking in the pastures, or checking to see just how high the water got at the low spot, after the last hard rain. Rolling down the windows to smell the freshly mowed hay. Or, even keeping a sharp eye out as to not hit deer, wild hog, or even the city folk who arrive en mass in the spring, to take bluebonnet photos. Yep – it’s always an adventure to take that drive in the country….even if only to drive down to the community center to get rid of our garbage.

    • Oh, Linda! You added so much to the post with your beautiful descriptions! Thank you! And, personally, I hope you love it here for many, many years. No pressure, of course. I’m above that. **cough, cough**

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