I dreamed the other night that I found myself standing in the middle of the sky. Surprised, but utterly delighted by my unexpected new surroundings, I took a few moments to drink it all in.  Above and below, in front and behind and beside me, stars twinkled against a midnight blue backdrop. From my right, a man – a completely gold man – appeared and approached a tall golden table that held a golden disc. With his right foot forward and his left food behind as if to steady himself, he leaned across the table and placed his hands flat on the far side of the disc and began rotating it in a counter clockwise direction. As he pulled his hands toward himself, he stood straighter and then leaned forward and pushed the platter to complete the circle. The momentum from the first rotation seemed to make a second one slightly easier for him, and each rotation of the disc was followed by another.

That’s when I heard it. Softly at first and just a few notes, but after a few rotations, it was unmistakable. Music flew from the disc in a counter clockwise direction. Sound waves that could be heard as well as seen carried beautiful tones, melodies, and harmonies farther and farther from the golden table, moving always in that same circular motion until symphonies filled every void in sky and their sound reverberated through my entire being.

That’s when I saw it. The stars began to quiver ever so slightly. As sound grew greater, the quivering grew more pronounced, and then the stars began to move from where they were. Those to my left moved closer together, settling down and to my left, and others stars moved closer together in other parts of my field of vision. As the music continued to play, so the heavenly bodies continued to move, organizing themselves into distinct groups. Eventually,  some even circled others, and the word planet entered my thoughts, introduced as a new concept.

That’s when I knew it. I had witnessed the birth of a universe.

And that’s when I felt it.



I value your thoughts and comments. Please share them!! ~Donna

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