It has been a year since I posted this blog, and I thought I would give you a follow-up on how this whole thing turned out for me. In a word – AMAZING. I am shocked at how little I am plagued by the nagging negative thoughts that once were a part of my thinking, and when they do crop up, I know exactly what to do. Life changing. That’s what it was. I highly recommend it.

Letters from Donna

I wasn’t raised in a tradition that included Lent, but I remember listening with great interest once to a girl in my class ponder whether she should give up chocolate or all candy or TV or something else for Lent. As she talked, she meticulously pushed the vegetables on her tray to the side as she did every day and ate around them. I suggested maybe she would like to give up vegetables for Lent. She laughed and explained very patiently that you had to give up something you LIKE for Lent. I was just a little kid. What did I know?

As I got older and my circle of friends widened, I was privy to more deliberations as to what would be an appropriate thing to give up for 40 days. Sweets has always been a popular decision among those I know, but there have been a fair share of the…

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I value your thoughts and comments. Please share them!! ~Donna

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